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Still Flying High: Oriole, Chicago, September 2018

Oriole is the best restaurant in Chicago. There, I said it. I don’t normally proclaim anything “the best” simply because it almost always involves both objective criteria and subjective criteria. Food that is wonderful to me may […]

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Norman’s, Orlando, Florida, June, 2018

Every year a few million folks go to Orlando to visit Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and Sea World. I go every year or two for Photoshop World and the food, not necessarily in that order. Photoshop […]

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Lawry’s, Chicago, November 2017

No time to read this blog post all the way through? Fine. Here is the bottom line:  If you want a classic, perfectly prepared Prime Rib dinner with a salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, Yorkshire […]

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Tortoise Supper Club, Chicago, May 2017

The Tortoise Supper Club, as the name will suggest to some of you, attempts to reproduce the atmosphere of the supper clubs that were popular in the 50s (maybe before, but that’s as far back […]

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Halleck Vineyard Inner Circle Wine Club Dinner & Play in NYC

I got hooked on fine wine almost 40 years ago on my first trip to the Napa Valley. However, as much as I enjoy the beverage itself, a huge part of the pleasure of drinking […]

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A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 6, Part 1, Montbard to Venarey-les-Laumes, Courcelles-les-Montbard, and Alesia

Our week on La Belle Epoque, a luxury hotel barge that is part of the European Waterways family, was coming to an end. This, our sixth and final full day on board would be full of […]

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A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 5, Part 2, Ravières to Montbard

As I hope you have already seen in A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 5, Part 1, A Balloon Ride Over Burgundy, we arose early on our 5th day aboard La Belle Epoque for an […]

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A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 5, Part 1, A Balloon Ride Over Burgundy

Except for the fact that you have to get up before dawn… …a hot air balloon ride over a scenic countryside is one of the most peaceful, beautiful things you can do. This is what […]

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A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 1, Part 2, Tanlay, October 2013

In Part 1 of this series, A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Part 1, Day 1, Paris to Tanlay, October 2013, I introduced the basic format of a barge cruise with European Waterways and took you on a […]

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Dinner, Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford, Napa Valley, CA, April 2014

Have you ever wanted to stay in an über luxurious resort with amazing spa services, gourmet restaurants, suites that might be bigger than your apartment or house and beautifully decorated grounds? Then Auberge du Soleil in […]

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