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Still Flying High: Oriole, Chicago, September 2018

Oriole is the best restaurant in Chicago. There, I said it. I don’t normally proclaim anything “the best” simply because it almost always involves both objective criteria and subjective criteria. Food that is wonderful to me may […]

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Empire Steakhouse, New York, November 2017

New York. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. When people around the world think of a city in the United States it will very likely be NYC. Most foreigners visiting the US want […]

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Tortoise Supper Club, Chicago, May 2017

The Tortoise Supper Club, as the name will suggest to some of you, attempts to reproduce the atmosphere of the supper clubs that were popular in the 50s (maybe before, but that’s as far back […]

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Roka Akor, Chicago, March 2015

Do you love Japanese food? Do you crave something better than the average supermarket sushi? Or maybe you’d prefer a great steak grilled over mesquite. Either way, Roka Akor is definitely worth a visit – if […]

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Allium, Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago, November 2014

Our last visit to Allium was for a 4th of July lunch earlier this year. Valeria and I enjoyed it a lot, so when our friend, Ronie, arrived in town from California, we decided that we […]

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Sepia Restaurant, Chicago, June 2014

Chef Andrew Zimmerman’s Sepia, like the late, lamented Henri, occupies a special place in the fine dining world in Chicago. The food is world class. The restaurant has held one Michelin star since Michelin started rating […]

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