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A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 3, Part 2, Ancy-le-Franc, Chassignelles

It’s time to continue our lazy, but luxurious, barge cruise along the canals of Burgundy, France aboard European Waterways‘ hotel barge, La Belle Epoque. While I am confident that every literate person on the planet […]

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Beatrix, Streeterville, Chicago, Oct., 2016

Valeria and I first visited Beatrix restaurant on Valentine’s Day this year. The menu at Beatrix is largely built of fresh, healthy choices based on fresh juices, vegetables, lean protein and the like, but it also […]

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Steadfast, Chicago, October, 2016

After reading several good reviews of Steadfast, a new fine-dining restaurant in the Klimpton Gray Hotel, Valeria and I decided to pay a visit one crisp October evening. The restaurant is small, seating about 70 people. […]

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A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 2, Part 4, Lézinnes

Shall we continue our leisurely cruise down the Burgundy Canal aboard European Waterways luxury barge, La Belle Epoque? Of course we shall! It’s almost time for dinner. Having spent a lovely afternoon in Chablis, tasting wine and walking […]

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Tru, Chicago, February, 2014

Chicago is, among many other things, a food city. From the ubiquitous deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dog, through a myriad of ethnic enclaves and up to the Michelin-starred gastronomic temples, you will eat well […]

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