Behind the Scenes in TV and Radio

Behind the Lens and Behind the Microphone by Terry Kniess

I met Terry Kniess and his lovely wife Linda more years ago than any of us would care to confess. Unfortunately, it has also been more years than I care to think about since we got together. (Thank heaven for Facebook.) An evening with Terry and Linda always included a glass (or two) of good wine and a seemingly endless stream of funny stories about events in their respective careers. I didn’t realize how much I missed those stories until I opened this book (well, opened the Kindle version on my iPad) and started reading. Suddenly Terry was right there, telling story after story and I was laughing out loud.

You may never have met Terry, or worked in radio and television, but you have met all the characters in his book. Oh, not the exact same people, but the Best Boss Ever, the Worst Boss in History and the Diva.  You have worked for a company that poured tons of money into The Worst Project Ever. You’ve seen (or at least heard about) Sex and Booze in your office. Of course, it is not all laughs, as there are also true stories of divorce, sickness and death. Mostly though, you will laugh.

But if the characters are familiar to all of us, the setting is not. We all watch TV and listen to the radio, but when the cameras and microphones are off (or supposed to be off) there is a whole different world that you and I don’t see. Terry has been there, and he describes what goes on behind the scenes with wit and, where appropriate, great tenderness.

This is a very easy book to read, laugh with and relate to. Grab a copy and enjoy. I can only hope that Terry is working on Volume 2 and that Linda is working on Volume 1 of her stories.

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