About Dave

Photographer, Chemist, Wine Enthusiast, Foodie, Ballroom Dancer, World Traveler


David and Valeria Pruett, Dancing with Chicago Celebrities, Hyatt Regency Chicago 2015_03

Yes, I am a lucky guy.

A beautiful wife, a successful career in research, consulting and management, happily retired and still healthy (for an old guy!).

I was lucky enough to be born to two loving parents, Joyce and Freddie Pruett, in what was then the safe, middle-class city of Pontiac, Michigan. My dad worked the line at Pontiac Motors (a General Motors Plant) and my mom raised my two sisters and me, working part-time when she could to help make ends meet. With their encouragement, various scholarships and part-time jobs, I was able to earn Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Chemistry at Michigan Technological University and a PhD at Michigan State. A lot of hard work and a little luck got me through a career that allowed me to work all around North America, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Along the way I developed passions for science, photography, fine food and wine, ballroom dancing and traveling the world.

My lovely wife, Valeria, is usually an enthusiastic partner, sometimes a ruefully tolerant observer, but always a patient and loving supporter of my interests, however substantive or silly she may find them.

Do you enjoy traveling (personally or vicariously) around our amazing world?

Do you enjoy learning about, tasting, and maybe even cooking, the foods of many cultures?

Do you enjoy learning about and tasting fine wines and other regional adult beverages?

Then I hope you will enjoy viewing the images and reading the thoughts I have recorded on the places, foods and wines I have enjoyed with my family and friends around the world.

My opinions are mine alone and written purely for documentary and entertainment purposes. I do not claim to be a professional photographer, food critic, dancer or travel advisor. Appreciation of all of these things is subjective and personal and your opinion is as good as mine. If you would like to offer your own view, whether similar to mine or completely different, please feel free to comment as long as you can do so politely and in a spirit of friendly sharing of ideas, opinions and experiences. 

Perhaps we will meet one day over a good meal and a good bottle of wine in a beautiful location and we can have a true conversation. Until then, happy travels! Here’s to good food, good wine and good friends!

Smile, pop a cork, keep on dancing and travel safe!