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Pete’s Coney Island II, Lake Orion MI, October 2015

Most of my restaurant reviews are for pretty high-end restaurants. There is a reason for that. I love to cook and am quite happy making dinner at home most every night. When I go out, […]

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Behind the Scenes in TV and Radio

I met Terry Kniess and his lovely wife Linda more years ago than any of us would care to confess. Unfortunately, it has also been more years than I care to think about since we […]

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The Tale of Two Brains

Taming the Trouser Snake—A Man’s Guide to Relationships, Romance, Sex and More by Rolando Gomez (which I edited) is a serious guide to help men better understand women and forge better relationships with them. Rolando’s book certainly […]

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A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 2, Part 1, Around Tanlay, October 2013

The last entry in this series, A Barge Cruise on the Burgundy Canal, Day 1, Part 2, Tanlay, October 2013, ended with our first dinner on board the European Waterways hotel cruise barge, La Belle Epoque. Since […]

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